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What I Accomplished in 2016

February 18, 2017

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How To Audition for 3 EPA's in 1 Day

February 28, 2017

A Laundry List of "To Do's" 


1. Pack Light
















charger, water bottle, snacks, materials, reading



2. Bring material you won't think you need

















i.e.: I pulled out my RP* last week, ya'll



3. Upload your materials
















lighten the load



4. Plan your routes
















5. Keep your government ID handy

















 get in and out of buildings more efficiently



6. Kill with kindness




















don't let rude people ruin your day



7. Ask Questions
















understand the room



8. Be willing to wait



PRO TIP: Most people bail at EPA's after lunch. Wait. The list might not be as long as it seems.



9.  Bring your lunch
















save time and money



10. Be open to changing your plan




















How are your auditions going?  Comment below to share your experiences and tips!








In the interest of remaining inclusive, I wanted to unpack some terms so that you, too can laugh at my wit and effortless humor:


* - RP refers to the standard British dialect that most actors learn when they study dialects in school. It's often used for classic plays written by British playwrights. It's a very formal, uppercrusty dialect.




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