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February 18, 2017

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Self-Care 101: Yoga doesn't suck

March 6, 2017



Yo. People apparently hate yoga.


I am not ashamed to say that I struggle with anxiety and depression, and recently have been trying to implement some positive mental practices into my routine.


In conversation with humans (which has been increasingly difficult for me as well) I am trying to remove the question, "What are you working on," from my vocabulary. Not only can it be a degrading, humiliating question, it also is just... not a good question and implies that our value is defined by, "what we are doing". 


So rather, I am experimenting with, "What are some good things happening in life?" (I'm not sold on it, but it's working for now.) And... YO! People are yucking on my yums when I say I have been implementing Yoga into my practice.


I get it... rich white women ruined Yoga. 


 And I'm not here to say everyone needs to do yoga, or even feel like I have to explain myself, but this practice is something that has added great value to my life! For me, this is a baby step to meditation which is super taxing to the anxious mind. 


I also find great value you in Yoga as a performer; like it's literally foundational practice in moving and breathing, which we ALL NEED YA'LL. 


I digress..


I will be making space in this blog to write more about self-care, share some things that are working for me, and just encourage you to find your own practices. Taking care of yourself, and feeling good should be our priority. Our world is already filled with rejection, not to mention the overwhelming and draining political and social spheres we exist in as humans.


Your thoughts, feelings, fears, anxieties, all unfortunately walk in the room with you. Casting people literally make a living on sniffing that shit out...


So, take care of yourself first, get good at acting later. Comment below to share one way YOU are taking care of yourself.


Doesn't have to be Yoga ya'll... Namaste



This is my girl Adrienne... she's really cool. I have been doing the 30 day Yoga Challenge and am nearing the end. A great intro to Yoga if you are curious! (Only Con: She tells you to smile a ton... I translate that into releasing the face of any expression.)

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