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February 18, 2017

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Why Every Actor Needs to Audition in NYC

March 14, 2017

For the last 3 weeks, I have been riding ye ol' Megabus, to get up to NYC for the variety of open calls that have been happening (and are STILL happening FYI).


One thing that hit me this week was, why did I wait so long to START doing this? I have found immense value in going up for the experience and practice of auditioning.


90% of our job is auditioning; so we should love it, right? (*Cue eye roll*) But think about; if we spend most of our time in this career going to auditions, it should be something we enjoy, not dread. That's not to say that it's not sometimes difficult, or days where we just don't feel like it.  But having fun at auditions, being confident, and feeling good about your material are all things casting directors are looking for.


 Like most actors, I don't work nearly as much as I'd like. It's difficult auditioning for the same people year after year, re-introducing yourself to people you've already met, and just feeling motivated to audition for people you feel won't cast you regardless. 


But that attitude, wasn't serving me or my career.  And it certainly wasn't getting me cast.


That's why I began going to open calls in NYC. Despite how scary and intimidating traveling to New York felt, I had to find out if this was really the life I wanted. I needed to feel inspired to audition again.


The NYC pace is intense, but absolutely thrilling. There's something so exhilarating about waiting and waiting and waiting until finally! You hear your name called. Getting out of Philly has allowed me to really invest in rehearsing, preparing, and performing for auditions. The stakes are lower, and you can try new things! There are so many opportunities that I spend less time post-audition agonizing over "how it went".


Now, I am finding my stride. I am leaning into the challenge and rediscovering my love for performing. And for the first time, probably ever, I am looking forward to auditioning. It's my chance to show off, to learn something new about myself.


Look at your schedule, and carve out some time go up to New York this season:

 * Ask a friend to go with you!

 * Check out playbill.com and broadwayworld.com for job postings. (That's where you can also find  *  *  * Philadelphia auditions too! Don't rely on Theatre Alliance; regional theaters don't post there.)

 * Book your bus tickets ahead of time to save money.

 * Bring material that you are most excited about.


I encourage you to get out there this season. Auditions are happening every week locally, and in NYC. Don't let fear, or the "not-good-enoughs" hold you back. Audition for you; try new pieces, make simple goals, and most importantly just show up.


Happy Auditioning !





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